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A year ago I almost fell into a trap.

A trap I see people fall in time and time again. Sometimes it visible staring us in the face and other times it’s harder to see.

It’s the feeling of wanting to rewrite code that isn't ours.

It’s thinking that rewriting code is easier than understanding the code we just inherited.

It’s the feeling of anxiety as you inherit code, and just want to rewrite it.

This is what I identify as The Code Rewrite Trap.

If any of those feelings or thoughts resonate with you, then continue reading this short…

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Going back in time

“That’s it! Its finally finished!!”

After numerous nights fighting and trying to fix the machine, it call came down to one package time-machine:1.1.0. I install the latest update time-machine:1.2.0 and I'm ready to go.

I grab the cold metal handles and push myself into the machine. Set the dial back to 2015 and type npm start. Yes time machines are written in NodeJS

The machine starts to vibrate the noise is unbearable. Within seconds I start to blackout and well… the rest… is a blur…

But somehow I managed to transport back in time! …

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2021 Update: Hi I’m Dave Boyne, if you like what you read below come check out my personal blog

Also I’m currently on a mission to help people with their GitHub/Side projects by offering a tool to build landing pages for free. Come join the journey

Enjoy reading!

I recently developed an open source tool called MockIt that allows developers to mock endpoints. The interface with built with React and was tested with react-testing-library rather than my default testing library of choice Enzyme.

I have been using React and Enzyme together for years and I have have had…

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So, you’re writing an application…

Hopefully, you have some unit tests, e2e tests and a level of confidence that your application is ready for customers. ✅

You go live... 🎉

Then you might start to think….

  • “I wonder how our application is doing?”
  • “I wonder how customers are using our application?”
  • “I wonder if they are experiencing any problems?”

Without the correct level of monitoring in place, these questions are hard to answer.

The combination of possible devices and browsers that our customers can use is HUGE. It’s impossible to make sure we check and test every permutation.

I have…

An open source project to help developers learn, develop and explore 💪.


I wanted to create a website to help developers learn and explore. There are a lot of resources online (GitHub, Blogs etc) that list and show projects, but I wanted to create something visual so I created a website to visualise projects and help people.

Source Code


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Picture this.

You’re about to have a meeting about any one of the following:

  • End of year review
  • General catch up with your line manager
  • Going for the promotion
  • Your personal growth

You are asked to explain what you have achieved this year or over the past few months.

You stop and think.

I know I have done loads of things, but I can’t quite remember the details….

You try and explain a few things off the top of your head.

You stumble around…

Conversations might go on.. or even worse, they stop. …

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I love the idea of open source software. The ability to share code around the world fascinates me, and the innovation it creates is mind-blowing.

Recently at comparethemarket we have been exploring inner source and how it can help our business scale by sharing code across the organisation.

I have recently been spending a lot of time within GitHub, and have learned techniques and built tools to help our team automate and supercharge our GitHub workflow. ⛈

When the team started with inner sourcing I found there was a huge amount of manual processing we had to do (Reviews, Comments…

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Picture this.

You just done a release of your application and everything went well. Your new features are in production, everybody is dancing and product owners are happy.

The next few weeks you release some more features. The release is successful. You are winners. Developers are happy & product owners are happy.

But, something in the background has changed…. 😱

The performance of your application has changed.

Your bundle size has increased…

The number of total requests has increased…

Your Google Speed index has increased….

Your accessibility score has gone down….

The time to first meaningful paint has increased…


Over the past couple of years I have been leading a team of talented developers at CompareTheMarket. We have built new applications, libraries of shared components and private modules that are being shared across the organisation using an internal open source model.

As we continue to build modules and shared code for a growing business I want to make sure new and existing developers feel welcome and free to submit issues, pull requests and features to our code base.

I have been exploring ways of doing this, and want to share with you some quick tips to make your repository…

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2021 Update:

Hi I’m Dave Boyne, if you like what you read below to come check out my personal blog

Also, I’m currently on a mission to help people with their GitHub/Side projects by offering a tool to build landing pages for free. Come join the journey

Enjoy reading!

I have been working within IT for 10 years now, starting my career as a Junior Developer and now as a Technical Lead at

The journey has been bumpy, fast and exciting.

Through each stage of my journey from Junior through to Engineer, Senior and Tech Lead I…

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